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JUST AIRPLANTS is a family run nursery that specialises in Tillandsia, commonly known as airplants and by popular demand a small selection of other Bromeliads. Because we specialise in Tillandsia we are able to ensure that your airplants reach you in the best possible condition. All of our plants are nursery grown, many from seed, and have been fully acclimatised to the UK climate ensuring that you receive the healthiest plants when they are shipped to you directly from our nursery in Berkshire. We are also happy to share our knowledge with you to answer any of your questions regarding the health and care of your plants. JUST AIRPLANTS offer a wide range of Tillandsia species and are continuously expanding the number of plants that we stock, ensuring that we have Tillandsia available to suit all tastes. All of our plants have been nursery grown and not been taken from their natural habitat 

JUST AIRPLANTS often have specimen plants suited to the specialist collector or those looking for something a bit different and are more than happy to try and source specific plants for your collection. Please check Just Airplants News or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for availability.  As we have no minimum order value we cater for everyone, from those who have already discovered Tillandsia and are looking to expand their collection,  to those looking for an exotic houseplant or an unusual gift. All of our plants have received the best possible appropriate care before being shipped to you making Just Airplants the perfect place to buy your airplants.

Airplant is the common name for the genus Tillandsia, a member of the Bromeliad family. All Tillandsia can grow without soil as they take all of their water and nutritional requirements through little scales on their leaves, known as trichomes.  They are easy to care for just needing air, light and water. Tillandsia are native to South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico and the Southern States of the USA. Depending on the species they grow either on trees (epiphytically), rock faces (saxicolously) and some on the ground (terrestially). They do have roots, but only use these to anchor themselves. Tillandsia come in many different shapes and sizes, with over 500 species currently identified. The characteristics of Tillandsia species vary depending on whether they grow naturally in the rainforest, mountainous regions or deserts. This means that there is a Tillandsia to suit all tastes. Although the attraction of the plants is usually the architectural structure of the plant, they will all produce flowers, many of which are highly colourful and attractive.

Tillandsia are very adaptable and can be treated as both exotic tender perennials for the garden, as well as houseplants. As there is no need for soil, the options for displaying Tillandsia are limitless. Whether you are looking for a traditional or a contemporary display there will be an Airplant for you. The only limitation is imagination....

GIFT VOUCHERS are now available to purchase from our new look shop. They can be found in the Sundries Section.




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